X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse reminded me of Avengers: Age of Ultron; too many characters to care about, a baddie that wasn’t as menacing as he should have been and a convoluted plotline.


The story is not too dissimilar to a lot of the others super hero movies, there is a big bad (Apocalypse the supposed first mutant) who wants to rule/destroy the world and the merry mutants have to band together to save the day.  There’s the odd bit of romance, lots of explosions and plenty of super-powered fighting (albeit on a bigger scale than before) but nothing I hadn’t seen before.


It’s not all bad though, there are bits of humour from Quicksilver, the action is handled well (considering the scale of it), the effects are decent and there is another great Quicksilver slow-mo scene (best bit of the film by far).


A couple of small observations, Apocalypse has totally different powers compared to the comics (which was disappointing), he’s way too short (he needed to be at least 8Ft tall) and I could have sworn I was watching Stargate for the first 5 minutes. I also felt the boundaries of a 12A film were being pushed once again with decapitations and quite a few gruesome deaths although not a lot of blood so perhaps that’s why the BBFC thinks its ok?


Verdict: Slightly disappointing after the enjoyable X-Men: Days of Future Past but there is still some fun to be had.


And don’t forget to wait until the end of the credits as it hints at “somebodys” next foe, although I doubt it will mean anything to you unless you know your X-Men lore.






  • Quicksilver
  • Quicksilver


  • Didn't add anything new to the genre
  • Baddie not very bad

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