Baby Driver

I’d heard good things about Baby Driver but somehow managed to miss it at the cinema. I’m rather sad I did now as it was really rather good and I think it would have been even better up on the big screen.


Basic premise is a young man who has ended up as a getaway driver (as he has some skills in the driving department). The unusual part is that he always has his headphones on to drown out his tinnitus. This means that we hear what he’s playing a lot of the time so there is an excuse for a cool soundtrack. Needless to say there are heists, shoot-outs and lots of driving involved.


Acting in general is good but Ansel Elgort who plays Baby is the stand-out as the innocent hero and Jon Hamm surprised me with a good baddie turn. Not much else to say really but there are a couple of neat twists, some very cool dialogue and did I mention some great driving sequences that go in time to the music. It felt a bit Tarantinoesque to me.


Verdict: Original, cool and highly enjoyable heist driving flick. Roll on the sequel.





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  • Top Tunes that actually play a part in the Film

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