Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 was exactly as expected, more of the same but not quite as funny this time round (but I suspect that’s mainly due to knowing how a DP film works and the antics he get’s up to). In fact, DP2 was a lot closer to a standard super-hero film than I expected with an expanded cast and a tad too many other supers involved.


Not sure you need to know much about the story but it’s roughly about a mutant kid who will cause problems in the future and mayhem ensues. The story is more about setting up an excuse for DP to get in crazy situations.


New X-men from the comics are introduced as well as some that aren’t (Peter!!) and they fill their roles well enough with Josh Brolin as Cable being suitably cool, however, Domino was the stand out character and I suspect we will see more of her in the future……….but neither of them come close to Ryan Reynolds, you can just tell he’s fully embraced the wackiness in playing DP and he has it down to a tee (he just is Deadpool and you cannot imagine anyone else in that role).


Note: There is one very funny after credits scene.


Verdict: Good, clean(not), OTT,  mutie fun with a couple of laugh out loud moments. Still not one for the kids though.





  • Couple of Laugh out Load Moments
  • Reynolds Really is Deadpool in Everyway


  • A Bit too Close to Standard Super-hero Films

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