Eddie the Eagle

I had heard this was a good fun film from my dear wife but unfortunately it didn’t do it for me. I was just expecting more laughs than I got and it occasionally just felt to daft to be funny.


Anyway, the whole plot revolves around Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and his obsession about being in the Olympics. I’m sure this is a very loose take on what really happened but essentially its an upbeat rise of the under-dog film.


Taron Egerton does a good enough job at being Eddie, although I couldn’t shake the feeling it was Eggsy under the make-up, and Hugh Jackman does his lovable rogue routine (similar to ‘Real Steel’) as a failed trainer who also has a point to prove.


I’m not sure what else to say really, there is the odd humorous bit but I think I must have been in a bad mood when watching it as I don’t remember laughing at all or being uplifted by the inevitable conclusion. Perhaps I will watch again one-day to give it another chance.


Verdict: Not as funny or amusing as I was expecting but it did pass the time and I’m reliably informed its better than I thought it was……..





  • Not as funny as Expected

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