Ghostbusters (2016 version)

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, I actually thought some of the positive reviews might at least mean Ghostbusters would be watchable, but no, it was even worse than I anticipated. Even the kids were disappointed (which made me feel guilty for making them watch it!).


It just wasn’t funny or even amusing. In fact it only had one ok scene in the whole film (Chris Hemsworth dancing) and even then you only get it included in the extended version (so if you saw it at the cinema there would have been nothing worth seeing at all).


I’m not really sure what else to say, the jokes were poor, the story was boring. It’s just plain dreadful, the worst film I’ve seen for ages. I felt a bit sorry for the actresses involved as they were simply given nothing to work with, even Melissa McCarthy couldn’t get a laugh out of it. At least the effects were good………


Verdict: Unfortunately, Ghostbusters turned out to be the damp squid I was originally expecting when I heard about the remake idea. I would go as far as saying do not watch, ever.





  • Not Funny
  • Awful Story
  • All-round Dreadful

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