Logan Lucky

Prior to watching Logan Lucky, I wasn’t sure what it was about, I’d just heard/read it was quiet good. And you know what, it was good . Quirky and good-natured but enjoyable all the same.


Logan Lucky (which I keep saying as Lucky Logan in my head) is essentially a heist film along the lines of Oceans 11 (no surprise really as it’s the same director, Steven Soderbergh). What is different is the setting, West Virginia, along with what is robbed and the quirky but slightly dim characters (there is an amusing turn from Daniel Craig but I wasn’t so keen on Seth MacFarlane who felt out-of-place).


Plot is fairly straight forward with money planned to be stolen by a team following a clever plan that……….you know the type of thing.


As per most heist films, I did enjoy watching the plan in action and I also liked the first and second endings, however, there are several endings which did tend to drag on a bit and take a bit of the gloss off (but I suppose they needed to set-up a potential sequel).


Verdict: Not having seen a comedy heist film for a sometime made this all the more enjoyable. I can recommend Logan Lucky as a decent evenings entertainment.





  • Different and Interesting Location
  • Daniel Craig


  • Too Many Endings
  • Seth MacFarlane

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