Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

It’s surprising the depths of plop films you will stoop to when bored at home stuck in your chair as you’ve done your back in. This was one such time where I’d watched just about all my backlog of good films. I must also confess that I’d seen all the other Resident Evil films as well and I was hoping to see the whole series come to a satisfying conclusion.


The plot is, of course, very daft and involves zombies, a sentient computer and the end of the world etc……and you can never tell if someone is really dead but I guess that’s some of its charm (if you can call it that). I did notice this time that it looked better, as in more money had been spent on the CGI and I’d say the action was handled well with a couple of interesting sequences near the end.


TBH, it wasn’t that bad; it went at a good pace, had some good action pieces and yes, finally, a definitive ending. It doesn’t save the series as a whole but there is entertainment to be had if you like this type of thing.


Verdict: Very similar to all the others but it does (hopefully) bring the whole series to a conclusion, phew.





  • Some Good Action Sequences
  • It should be the last one


  • The storyine is a Bit Bonkers
  • Not Very Original

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