The Great Gatsby (2013)

The Great Gatsby (TGG) is the latest film based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic book around the enigmatic and somewhat mythical Gatsby.


I have not read the book nor seen any of the previous versions but I found it intriguing, especially at the beginning where Gatsby is an unknown mysterious figure. I suppose TGG is really a love triangle seen from the point of view of an outsider that is dragged into this bizarre world of excess and parties but it is an interesting tale and you do feel for the characters and the awkward situations they end up in.


I suspect this is the most stylised and extravagant version yet as you definitely get the whole Baz Luhrmann feel with plenty of colour, lavish parties and everything feeling larger than life.


Acting is all good without any particular stand-outs (although Tobey Maguire was a bit whiny, I’m assuming he was being ‘in character’), there was a good modern soundtrack and I enjoyed the direction (there was a couple of scenes where you could really feel the tension building).


Verdict: An interesting and enjoyable watch that tries but doesn’t quite do enough to be a classic.





  • Interesting and Unusual Storyline

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