The Predator

The first predator is a classic and number 2 wasn’t that bad. But since then, Hollywood has produced some real ‘predator’ stinkers. Early rumours suggested The Predator was going to go back to basics. Unfortunately, the rumours were wrong as it was another instantly forgettable pile of……..


The story was a bit far-fetched and daft even for a Predator film, it just had people jumping to conclusions for no obvious reason (other than they had already read the script). Why can’t they just stick to the single predator tracks down a hero in a new environment? It’s worked well in the past and is what we are hoping for as an audience. When they try to be too clever and add in different bits to enlarge the Predator mythos it just goes wrong. Why can’t they just leave Predators as mysterious alien huntsmen.


Anyway, something seemed odd about the whole film, as if they had taken various bits and then edited them into something passable. It just jumped around too much without making any sense.


Acting was so so but it’s mainly an action film so that doesn’t matter too much and there was the odd humorous bit of dialogue but, on the whole, it was just too daft and as for the ending, I was left shaking my head with an “Oh no, why did they do that” thought in my head.


Note: It is just me or did the main hero (Quinn McKenna) look like an angry version of Stephen Hendry?


Verdict: Watchable in places but generally a mess. One for die-hard Predator fans only.





  • The Odd Bit of Good Predator Action


  • Messy Storyline and Editing
  • Cringey Ending

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