The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I enjoyed the first Marigold Hotel film but I can honestly say this second one was a bit of a let down. All the same characters were there and it had the same feel to it, it was just missing that originality and spark that was present the first time round.


As you can imagine, the story-line is really just a continuation of the first film with an added plot line involving a second hotel. On reflection, you could probably watch both in a row and think it was the same film.


The cast all do a fine job and there is the same ‘warm’ humour running throughout it’s just more of the same and I found myself losing interest as it was fairly telegraphed what was going to happen.


Verdict: A disappointing sequel that fails to hit the heights of the first one. Although…….if the first one is one of your faves, I’m sure you will love it.





  • Too Similar to the First One

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