The Shallows

The Shallows is exactly what you would expect from a B movie; its tacky, uses dodgy CGI, has a very daft plot and so-so acting, however………..I still enjoyed it. I mean its shark attack film and even the worst ones (I’m thinking Sharknado and Jaws Revenge) have some enjoyable bites bits.


The plot is kept fairly simple; girl swims, meets shark they fall in love and live happily ever after – Not. Its kind of feels like an extended version of the very beginning of Jaws mashed up with The Blair Witch project (yes, they even use the tried and trusted B movie plot of watching a video about what happened) and a bit of Aliens (a lone women taking on an unstoppable monster).


Blake Lively (from Gossip Girl) does a good job as the main heroine showing grit and determination in the face of being eaten. However, she is ably supported by the best seagull cameo since Finding Nemo. Action wise its nothing new but its done well enough and there are a couple of tense moments that make it just about worthwhile.


Verdict: If you are into shark attack films and don’t take it seriously, you will have an enjoyable 90 minutes of fluff that you can quickly forget.





  • It has Sharks in it


  • Bonkers Plot
  • Dodgy CGI

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