A highly enjoyable ‘true’ tale of something I was totally unaware of in Hollywood; the blacklisting of film writers due to their membership of the communist party.


The film follows Dalton Trumbo as he goes from a successful Hollywood screenwriter to being vilified for his beliefs, being blacklisted from writing screenplays and his fight to continue to do the one thing he is good at (and by good we are talking award winning screenwriting). TBH you couldn’t come up with a plot as barmy as this real life scenario and it just goes to show the ridiculousness of America’s Cold War hate of communists. It’s bizarre to think this only occurred 50 to 60 years ago.


Bryan Cranston is superb as Dalton Trumbo and you really feel for him and share in his belief that Americans, as part of the first amendment, should be able to believe and belong to anything they wish. He wasn’t all goodness and light though and you do get to see him warts and all (you certainly wouldn’t want to be married to him!).


With all films of this ilk, it is not action orientated and there is a slow progression but you certainly root for Trumbo and there is a satisfying end. It’s also poetic that a film about film screenwriters is excellently written as well.


Verdict: A slow burner that delivers a great and true tale of a man’s fight for justice. A good all-round watch.





  • Bryan Cranston
  • Its a True Story


  • A Little Slow in Places

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