How weird is that, two Dane Dehann films in 5 days. Thankfully, he’s way better in Chronicle than Valerian. Anyway, about Chronicle, its fab. A really cool, well made teenage super powers camcorder film (by camcorder film I mean everything is shown to you from the perspective of a camcorder or other recording device –  not in a found footage way like Blair Witch).


Although the story is nothing new, i.e. it follows the standard formula for its ilk; kids+superpowers=trouble, it’s the way its done and how it’s filmed that makes it stand out from the norm. I don’t know who took the decision to have the whole film being based on the view of one camera or another but it certainly makes it different and it matches perfectly the feel of the whole film. I can see why Josh Trank was expected to go places as a director, as Chronicle has a unique feel to it and it was made on a small budget as well (shame the whole Fantastic Four debacle happened).


Acting all round is good but DeHann’s portrayal of an angst ridden teenager with the world against him steals it (he does broody very well and you feel for him and fear him in equal measure), although Michael B Jordan is also very likable as a sports jock.


There are a couple of memorable scenes; watching them try out their powers and explore how far they can go and the fight at the hospital near the end. The hospital scene looks pretty amazing for a tight budget but shows what can be done in the dark and from long distance.


Note: There are two versions of Chronicle available but personally I would watched the Directors Cut which is around 5 minutes longer.


Verdict: The best teenagers discover they have superpowers film out there, watch it.





  • Dane DeHann
  • Has a Unique Look/Feel

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