Gone Girl

I loved Gone Girl the first time around and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it on a re-watch. It’s still a great thriller, even when you know what happens!!


I won’t cover the plot as the title is almost self explanatory and the whole film hinges on its cleverness that is best experienced without any knowledge of it. You will just have to trust me that its worth it.


All acting is good, although Rosamund Pike as the titular character is the stand-out (and worthy of the Oscar nod), it’s filmed well and you are never entirely sure where it’s going to go next. It’s not entirely without its issues though as some of the plot does feel a bit implausible, its slightly too long and Neil Harris felt a bit out of place. However, minor niggles aside, its entertaining throughout and it makes you chuckle to think of the lengths some people will go to get revenge. You could almost class it as a dark comedy (which I think is the angle that David Fincher was coming from).


Verdict: A clever and intriguing thriller that keeps you guessing right ’til the end. A 9 out of 10 if its a first time watch.





  • Extremely Clever Plot
  • Funny in a Sadistic Way


  • Slightly Too Long

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