Groundhog Day

I’ve always loved this film. It’s not laugh out loud funny and not big on action, however, it is a fantastic idea that is executed perfectly.


IMO this is Bill Murray’s best film as he carries the whole story giving a very subtle performance between comedy, tragedy and elation. He plays Phil, a not very friendly TV weatherman who goes to a small town to report on a Beaver who predicts if there is going to be a long winter (this is apparently a real tradition and not just made up for the film). Whilst staying in the town he finds that when he wakes up it is the same day, every day. He can take different actions each day but still wakes up at the start of the same day (but he does retain the memories of all the days). There is of course a love interest (Andie McDowell) and without spoiling anymore, let’s just say that Phil goes through a life journey.


The whole scenario is ripe for observational comedy and it’s great to watch the day change as different actions are taken each time, it really makes you think about what you would do under the same circumstances. It’s also a great film to re-watch as you notice and remember different bits after each watch.


Verdict:  A great feel good family film that everyone should see at least once.





  • Fantastic Premise
  • Uplifting and Memorable
  • Suitable for the whole family

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