Hunt for Red October

We thought it was a good idea for the kids to catch up with a few of the older classic action films, starting with The Hunt for Red October (THFRO).


THFRO is based on a Tom Clancy novel about a new special Russian nuclear submarine and whether the commander of that sub (Connery) is going to defect or not. The main  hero, Jack Ryan (played by Alec Baldwin in his break out film) believes he is defecting and spends the film rushing about trying to make this happen (whilst all around him are trying to destroy the Red October).


When I first watch THFRO at the cinema I loved it, however, watching it again on the small screen and knowing what happens made a big dent in its watchability rating. It’s still very well done, has great acting (even if the accents are a tad iffy), plenty of tension and good action but I really thought it had aged badly for a film from the 90’s. I can’t put my finger on why exactly but it just felt dated.


Still, my son enjoyed it and the soundtrack was still excellent.


Verdict: Not as re-watchable as I was hoping but there is still some enjoyment to be had, especially if it’s your first watch.





  • Interesting Plot
  • Good Tension


  • A Bit Dated
  • Dodgy Accents

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