I love this film, it just has a perfect blend of humour, action and plot along with many memorable lines and cool characters. It’s also the one film I’ve seen that improves upon the original comics (kudos to Jane Goldman, a.ka. Mrs Ross, for the screenplay).


The basic concept is what happens when a normal everyday kid decides that someone should go all batman everywhere and be a real life super-hero. As you can imagine, this leads to unexpected consequences, involving girls, the mob and some vigilantes.


The casting is superb with everyone a perfect fit for their character. However, special mention must go to Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Red Mist and the breakout star of the show, Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl (her mannerisms and attitude are a joy to watch). Even the smaller roles like bodyguards and nerdy friends each have a moment to shine.


TBH, it’s really hard to find fault with Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn’s direction is excellent, the soundtrack is awesome (even if some of it has been used in other films) and there is a satisfying, if somewhat OTT ending.


Note: This is not one for the kids. It is violent, mainly tongue in cheek but there is still quite a bit of threat and blood.


Verdict: I may be slightly biased due to its subject matter but for me Kick-Ass is the best adult humorous non-super super-hero film ever. Watch it.






  • Superb Soundtrack
  • Great Acting and OTT Action
  • Laugh out Load funny
  • Very Re-watchable


  • May not be to Everyone's taste

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