Kingsman: The Secret Service

In preparation for seeing Kingsman: The Golden Circle at the cinema and, as my wife and son missed it the first time round, we gave this another run out. And you know what, even on the small screen, it’s still really good fun.


Kingsman: The Secret Service is based on another Mark Millar comic (just like Kick Ass was) and is his take on world of secret agents (i.e. James Bond territory). And, just like Kick Ass, is directed by the ever reliable Matthew Vaughn. Its worth knowing that Mark Millar now has three films made out of his comics as Wanted was also one of his (this will probably increase quite a bit as well as he’s always writing short comic book series that get picked up as film options).


Kingsman is really an origin film of how Eggsy (the oddly named hero) finds out about and joins the Kingsman organisation. It is also a very adult take on the genre with plenty of swearing, gruesome deaths and mindless but often very funny violence. Definitely, not one for the kids.


Taron Egerton is great as is Eggsy, bringing real innocence and warmth but its Colin Firth who steals the show as a suave and stiff upper lipped special agent. In fact, CF gets to star in the films icon church scene. It’s a very brutal and imaginative fight in a church which has amazing fight choreography but makes you wince with every crunching kick and punch.


Additionally we get a good baddie (yet another Samuel Jackson appearance but at least an interesting one), cute dogs, geeky side-kicks (Mark Strong popping up in another MV/MM production) a loud and proud soundtrack and, for me, a satisfying ending.


Verdict: A humorous “young adult” Bond clone which does not takes itself seriously and is very funny with some great ideas. Well worth watching again.





  • Lots of fun
  • Great Actions Scenes

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