Kung Fu Hustle

What is there not to love about Kung Fu Hustle? It’s got quirky humour, a crazy plot, excellent special effects and unbelievably awesome kung fu moves. It’s one of my favourite kung fu films of all time.


It’s a bit hard to explain exactly what the film is about without giving away some of the plot surprises, let’s just say there’s an axe gang, kung fu masters, a slum area, a somewhat misguided hero and they all end up fighting. Oh, I almost forgot, its a chinese language film set in china (around 1940) although we watched the english dubbed version which is very good (which is somewhat unsual as some dubs lose a lot in translation).


For a film shot in 2004, the effects still look great (I especially love the way they run like Wile E. Coyote) and it has the best kung fu fight scenes since The Matrix ( which is not much of a surprised as they were both choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping). In fact, if I stop and think about it there is quite a bit of a Matrix parody going on.


If you find this to your taste then its worth checking out Stephen Chow’s earlier Shaolin Soccer which is equally as barmy (mixing kung fu, comedy and football).


Verdict: A must watch for any kung fu fan but there is still a lot for everyone else to enjoy and it’s certainly very different to the norm.





  • Excellent Fight Scenes
  • Cartoon like Comedy


  • Plot does not overly make sense

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