Have you ever wondered what you could be or achieve if your brain worked to its maximum capacity? If the answer is yes, then you need NZT……. alternatively watch Limitless for a clever and fun story about someone who falls right into that scenario.


Bradley Cooper, in what was probably his breakthrough role (not counting Alias), plays a bit of a loser who ends up on a drug that enhances his brains capabilities and, as you can expect, this leads to interesting and dangerous scenarios.


Along with a great premise (not 100% original but the way it’s done is better than others I can think of such as Phenomenon or Lucy), there is a great soundtrack, Bradley C is likable and there is a lot of fun seeing his brain in action. This includes some very neat scenes around movement and time which are very trippy.


Sure, it doesn’t always make sense and there are plenty of loop-holes but none of this matters, as it nips along at such a fast pace you don’t have time to think about it.


Note: They did make a spin-off TV series which was ok and had some good episodes but was maybe just a bit to jokey.


Verdict: A fast, fun film which is very enjoyable and highly re-watchable.




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