Logan’s Run

As I’ve watched Logan’s Run a few times over the years (it was made just one year before Star Wars), I was expecting to be a bit bored and smirk at how daft and dated it looks. However, this wasn’t the case and I still really enjoyed it. It has a certain innocence and charm that somehow keeps it entertaining right to the end. I watched it thinking, this is way ahead of its time and it is not out of place when compared to recent versions of its ilk, i.e. Maze Runner, Hunger Games.


Let’s start by confirming that Logan’s run definitely looks dated, the models are very Thunderbirdy, the sets look like a shopping centre and some of the effects are a bit basic (not to mention the psychedelic clothing and that weird synthesizer music that was all the rage at the time). However, none of this matters and does not distract from what is a good storyline. I won’t spoil the plot but it involves a ‘sand man’ who normally chases down ‘runners’ who are trying to escape from sacrificing themselves (when they reach a certain age) and his attempt to find sanctuary……


I’ve always found Michael York (Logan) watchable as is Jenny Agutter, however, for me, Peter Ustinov steals it with a very doddery and likeable cameo.


There was also a TV series  of Logan’s Run which I vaguely remember as being good at the time (being a youngster I thought the flare gun was cool) and I’m pretty sure I read that there was going to be remake at some point. Shame this hasn’t happened yet as it would be ripe for the full treatment of film and TV series.


Verdict: If you haven’t already seen it and enjoy a good sci-fi yarn then it’s well worth a watch.





  • Interesting Storyline
  • Likeable Characters


  • Looks Dated

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