Rain Man

Rain Man is yet another classic we thought the kids should watch. We were right to some degree as they did enjoy it but, maybe not as much as we were expecting.


The story is still interesting (and very original for its time) and quirky. It’s about two polar opposite brothers on a road trip to discover each other. The catch is that one of them is autistic and the other is on the road trip for all the wrong reasons.


The two leads; Tom Cruise (TC) and Dustin Hoffman (DH) are really great and the whole film is carried by their interactions. The way DH portrays all Raymond Babbitt’s odd mannerisms, speech issues and all round oddness is an acting masterclass and you can see why he won his Oscar.


What I did notice this time round was how dated it felt, it was just a bit tired looking. It was also lacking a little something (not sure what though) and the music was noticeably out-of-place. I think I was just expecting more than I got.


Verdict: A classic in its day but somewhat underwhelming on a re-watch. Well worth a watch for a first timer though.





  • Very Well Acted
  • Original and Usual Story


  • A Bit Dated
  • Soundtrack does not Fit the Film

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