Shakespeare in Love

I’m not normally a massive fan of love stories but I’ve always enjoyed and admired Shakespeare in Love for the way it manages to blend being clever, humorous and a love story all into one neat little package. The screenplay really is top-notch and the way it weaves in Shakespearean lore and key phrases is excellent (good job Mr Stoppard).


Shakespeare in Love is pretty much as per the title, i.e. an, at the time, unknown wordsmith who ends up falling in love unexpectedly whilst juggling writing a play and surviving a pretty ruthless environment. It’s one of those play within a play films without be confusing.


There are loads of famous British actors popping up here and there who are all good but the main leads, Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes really stand out (although I didn’t think Gwyneth was Oscar worthy, but perhaps it was her time). Costumes and scenery are all fab and there is a great soundtrack as well.


Verdict: An unexpected joyful film which only gets better with repeated watches. Do not be put-off by the it being Shakespeare and a love story as it is much more than that.





  • Excellent and Clever Screenplay
  • Great Acting

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