Star Trek (2009 version)

I remember the first time I saw this; I was very sceptical about a reboot, especially as JJ Abrams can get a bit carried away. However, I was pleasantly surprised about how it managed to feel new whilst giving us the same Star Trek universe we are used to. An impressive feat by the writers.


Watching again still provides a good film which has a great mix of action and humour whilst introducing us to the new cast of the Enterprise (basically, you get a whole new set-up of how Kirk/Spock meet and how everyone; Bones, Uhura Scottie etc. ends up together as the crew). There are slight tweaks but not enough to offend the hard-core Trekkies.


The new cast are all great but Chris Pine does a particularly good job of invoking the spirit of James T Kirk. The action is good and the effects are top notch although you I found the baddie to be a bit underwhelming.


Verdict: As good a reboot as you could have hoped for and one of the better Star Trek films (not quite Wrath of Khan but getting close).  Shame the sequels haven’t reached the same level.





  • Great Soundtrack
  • Clever way to Reboot the Series
  • Good performances of all the Main Cast


  • Loses the Feeling of Scale on the Small Screen
  • Iffy use of Time Travel
  • Underwhelming Badie

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