The Full Monty

Continuing our bold plan of educating our kids with classic films from the past, we decided to give The Full Monty a try. For me this was at least a fourth viewing and I was expecting to be a bit bored….but, no, I still really enjoyed it and managed to snigger and smirk quite often.


The title does just about explain what’s going to happen, however, if you are one of the very few people who haven’t seen it before then it’s basically a bunch of jobless chaps in Sheffield who decide to make some cash by stripping off. You then follow the group on how they come together and the daft situations they encounter whilst building up to the full monty moment.


I wouldn’t class The Full Monty as a family film but aside from a bit of swearing it wasn’t too bad, although we did actually spend quite a bit of time explaining why the men didn’t have a job and what had happened to the steel industry. There were also a couple of moments where my son covered his face whilst commenting how “cringe” it was (but that was predictable considering grown men were taking their clothes off), however, he did find the whole film amusing.


One thing I hadn’t remembered from previous watches was just how short it was, I think it was all done and dusted in under 90 minutes. The soundtrack was still great, with lots of classic tunes which you can’t help but tap along to.


Verdict: An enjoyable re-watch that still provides a few laughs along with a great soundtrack.





  • Great Soundtrack
  • A Good Laugh
  • It's not very long (90 mins)


  • Doesn't push any acting boundaries
  • You've probably seen it at least once already

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