The Hangover

Happened to watch this again whilst on holiday and it’s still enjoyable and funny, just not quite as funny as the first time you see it.


The Hangover’s story is fairly basic, as in a group of lads go on a stag-do to Las Vegas and get into all sorts of trouble. The funny part is finding out exactly how they ended up in some very bizarre situations and how they get out of them. Saying anymore would spoil it big time.


All actors involved do a great job and, due to the cracking and very original script, there are many laugh our load moments. There is not much more I can add really other than there are some amusing cameos and there are two sequels which don’t reach the same heights as he original.


Verdict: A very funny, adult comedy, that was great the first time around and is still enjoyable on a re-watch. If watching for the first time I would rate as 8 out of 10.





  • Many Laugh out Load Moments
  • Great Script and Original idea


  • Not so Good on a Re-watch

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