The Terminator

In readiness for watching the T2 (3D special version) at the cinema with my son, I gave the original Terminator another watch. You know what, the effects have aged but the plot is still great and it’s still highly entertaining.


For anyone who hasn’t seen The Terminator, it’s the one with time travel, a bleak looking future for mankind and killer robots that absolutely will not stop. It was also the film that made household names of Arnie & James Cameron and had the female lead display some gumption (not just roll over and play dead). It also shows what can be achieved with a good plot, the right actors and a great director.


You can tell it didn’t have the biggest budget going but you can see every penny on-screen and then some. The work Stan Winston did to get the terminators moving and looking cool was outstanding (remembering this was 1985 so no computer assistance).


Not a lot more to say really, the action is great and tense, there are some memorable lines and it all just works.


Verdict: A sci-fi classic that shows what can be achieved whilst working on a small budget. Truly original and, dare I say, ahead of its time…





  • An Original Sci-Fi Classic
  • Eminently Quotable


  • Effects are Slightly Dated

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