I was hoping that like Logan’s Run, Westworld would have aged well, unfortunately, it hasn’t. I think that after being treated to the excellent Westworld TV series this version just feels inferior.


The premise of a holiday destination where you can live out your fantasies in a “real” world setting is still interesting and there is a good build up before it all goes horribly wrong, it’s just a bit underwhelming by today’s standards.


Acting is all good with Yul Bryner looking very cold and menacing, the effects are good for the time and its run time is kept short. I did notice that the soundtrack is a grating in places but that was just how it was for sci-fi films at that time.


Verdict: Great at the time but has aged badly and it’s hard to recommend unless you want to see what inspired the TV series and to some extent the Terminator films. I suggest watching the new Westworld TV series instead.





  • Yul Bryner
  • Short run Time


  • Very Dated
  • Very, very dated

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