What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows (WWDITS) is a hard film to describe but I suppose you could say its a modern-day comedy horror mockumentary. More importantly though, it is original, clever and extremely funny.


There is sort of a plot revolving around new vampires, a masquerade ball and ‘Stu’ but its more about how a group of vampires manage to survive everyday life in New Zealand. This includes going out at night, dishwashing, house meetings, having friends round for a “bite” etc. (a bit like The Young Ones with blood). All the staple vampire myths are catered for but they are all turned on there head and updated to how it would be today. The odd pun miss-fires but there are so many clever in-jokes that you want to rewind to see what you missed.


The acting is all great and the director, Taika Waititi, (who also directed Thor Ragnorok) actually plays one the main characters Viago but for me I loved his two house mates; Vladislav and Deacon.


And I can’t finish without mentioning the swearwolves werewolves, the way they were handled was superb (noting that there are rumours of a semi-sequel which follows the Werewolves, I really hope this happens).


Verdict: A very original and funny take on the whole documentary genre, the funniest Vampire film ever.





  • Very Original
  • Very Funny

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