11.22.63 – Series 1

How refreshing to have a mini-series (8 episodes) that manages to tell a great story without overstaying its welcome.


The title gives you a hint that it relates to the Kennedy assassination but not that it’s all about James Franco (does he ever do anything bad?) travelling back in time to prevent it occurring in the first place. I can’t say any more than that but it’s a good story that takes some unexpected turns and time just doesn’t like to be messed with……


It’s based on a Stephen King short story so there are moments of unexpected and sometimes shocking violence but it doesn’t seem out of place due to the circumstances. There is also a slight lull in the middle and then a bit of a rush at the end. I have to mention the end, it was excellent. I haven’t enjoyed an ending as much for ages. Sure, it was obvious how most of it would go but it was done really well.


Verdict: The best mini-series since The Night Manager and definitely worth a watch if you want to see something a bit different.





  • Great Self-contained Storyline
  • Unexpected Twists and Turns


  • Slight lull in the middle

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