A Royal Night Out

An enjoyable light hearted comedy based around the scenario of what if the queen to be, Elizabeth (plus her sister, Margaret) were allowed out into London to celebrate VE day.


Obviously not everything goes to plan and Elizabeth gets to know a bit more about London life than she intended, meeting some unsavoury characters along the way. This all takes place with a bit of a ‘Carry On’ feel, a touch of a Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum and a hint of a rom-com. It is nice to imagine that something like this might have happened though……..


I wasn’t entirely convinced by Rupert Everett as the King but Sarah Gadon as Elizabeth (or Lilybet as she is nicknamed) is great and it was only later that my wife pointed out to me that she was the female lead in 11.22.63 adn comes from Canada (which I would never have realised).


Verdict:  An entertaining feel good film which has an interesting premise that is well done.





  • Susan Gadon as Elizabeth
  • An Interesting What if Scenario


  • A bit daft in places

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