Attack on Titan – Series 1

I’m not a massive manga fan (although I love Princess Mononoke and Akira) but I read a review of the live action film version of Attack on Titan which said the cartoon was way better. Now I haven’t seen the film but happened to notice the cartoon was available on Netflix so I gave it a go……….and I’m very glad I did.


The idea is excellent, the last of humanity live in walled cities (and the walls are huge) and will be attacked by giants (of different sizes) who eat us normal sized humans. The story is about our struggle against the titans and the groups of people who fight against them (using equipment that helps them fly around with big swords). There is sort of a main hero but I don’t want to give too much away. There are loads of deaths (which you will know by now is a plus in my book), plenty of surprises and some of the ideas are nuts. You do learn there is much more to the titans as the series progresses and you really do want to find out what happens next.


The downside is that you have all the annoying parts of manga thrown in; odd looking people, people with different sized eyes, over the top characters, exaggerated expressions, etc. I could go on but if you’ve seen any Manga then you know what I mean. You also find that quite a bit of the story is told in flashbacks and they sometimes crop up just as something major is going to happen, this can disrupt the flow but you often need the flashback to help explain a characters motivation.


The actual animation is good with not too much repetition and the whole world is beautifully designed. It is very violent, bloody and gory though so definitely not one for the kids.


Verdict: An extremely dramatic series which manages to build a real sense of fear and dread. It does have its downsides but more than makes up for it with an original and exciting story.






  • Original and intriguing storyline


  • Annoying manga faces

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