Bake Off: Creme de la Creme – Series 1

Let’s set one thing straight, this is nothing like The Great British Bake Off. Admittedly there is food, cooking and judging but the feel is totally different. It’s way too serious.


BOCDLC is a team competition where professional pastry chefs from around GB compete against each other to be crowned best in the Country. As per all these series’, there are rounds each week and the winners of each rounds progresses until you end up at the final. Each team consists of three people (who you don’t get to know so don’t care about) and each round consists of a miniatures challenge (baking hundreds of small pastry delicacies) and then a show piece (think chocolate bird sculptures). There is a time limit and you get the normal disasters and occasions where food doesn’t set in time etc. but they generally pull through……but then they should as its their full time job.


This is all hosted by celebrity chef Tom Kerridge who does at least try to introduce humour and seems like a nice bloke. Unlike the three judges who take their job very seriously, are very picky and never seem satisfied (you even had one judge, Cherish, deducting points due to a messy kitchen). You sometimes wonder whether they actually like any of the food at all!


The true star is the food, some of it looks amazing and you would love to be there tasting it (I suspect in 4K you would want to reach in a pull it out) and I’ve come across cooking terms that I’ve never heard of before such as; craquelindacquoise, religieuses. When they rattle off what each team was cooking it felt like a whole new language.


Verdict: A failed attempt to capitalise on Bake Off’s success which takes itself way to serious. Food does look good though.






  • Food Looks Amazing


  • Lack of Humour
  • You don't get to know the contestants
  • Doesnt feel like a challenge as it's their job

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