Britain’s Got Talent – Series 10

I don’t think there’s much I need to say about BGT. Everyone’s knows what its about and seen at least some of an episode or heard of Diversity or Susan Boyle.


As a family we tend to watch the initial auditions as its fun to see the dross as well as the occasional new act. However,  this time we carried on watching the semi’s (all 4 of them) and final, although I’m not sure we will bother next time. I know they try and have variety but it’s just embarrassing to watch some of the awful acts they put through to the semi-finals. The first semi-final was atrocious and how a dancing/singing Davros got through I’ll never know. Why don’t they just put the best acts through?


The best 10 minutes of the whole series was not even one of the acts but a compilation Ashley Banjo put together of previous contestants. It was very well done and reminds you that Diversity and Ashley Banjo are the best thing to have come out of BGT.


Verdict: You do still get the occasional good and original act but the quality appears to be dwindling and the amount of repetition and waffle is increasing.  Next time, I can see us watching the auditions using the fast forward button but I can’t see us sitting through the semi-finals/final again.





  • There is still the odd new and original act


  • Very Repetitive
  • Quality of Acts is Declining

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