Daredevil – Series 2

Daredevil continues to be top telly and Netflix once again produces a quality series.


Just like the first series (which was ‘owned’ by Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin) there is a lot to admire and we have another major Marvel character make their TV bow, Jon Bernthal’s Punisher. This is the first Punisher to be even remotely like the comic character and it’s fantastic to think that he’s getting his own series (although for Netflix it was a bit of a no-brainer).


I won’t go into the story but the writers continue to pick out the more down to earth bits from the comics and mash them up to make an interesting and diverse series. It still feels part of the Marvel universe though, but I can’t think of a more dangerous place to live than Hell’s Kitchen.


Charlie Cox still does a great job of portraying a blind man trying to do the right thing in an unforgiving world and I can’t imagine anyone else playing Daredevil from now on. Karen Paige and Foggy Nelson are his unofficial sidekicks and both are great in their roles, although sometimes you could just punch Foggy for moaning so much.


The action continues to be top-notch and the fight scenes are well choreographed, however, there are just a few to many of them this time round. It’s as if the praise about the fight scenes from the first series was taken as a green light to include more action which is a shame as I thought they had the balance right the first time round. There also seems to have been an increase in the level of graphic violence which was quite often unnecessary. Top marks must go to the make-up department as the bruises on display are something else and they even go down as the episodes progress (which most programs don’t bother with).


Verdict: Very close to being a 9 (the first series is definitely a 9 and close to a 10), however, it can’t quite match the intensity and character interaction of the first series.





  • High Production Values
  • The Punisher!


  • Unnecessary OTT Violence
  • Can't maintain quality of first series

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