Ender’s Game

This is the second time I’ve seen Ender’s Game (both on the telly) and I found it just as enjoyable this time round (which surprised me as repeat viewing of kids films can often be a bore).


The basic plot is…….aliens attack earth, almost kill us but we survive due to one person flying into an enemy spaceship, hence the powers that be decide to train talented kids until they can find the best ever strategist who will lead our armies against the aliens…..it sounds a bit of old hokum but it actually works really well (it’s based on an award winning Orson Scott Card book so it has a good pedigree). It’s intriguing to watch Ender manipulate his way through his training and come up with clever ways to win tests (the zero gravity training sequences are particularly well done and you really do feel like they are in space) and make friends.


There’s room for Harrison Ford as a hard-nosed training General and a Ben Kingsley cameo but it’s really a one kid show and Asa Butterfield (as Ender Wiggins) does a great job of betraying the emotions of a teenager who’s coming to terms with what he is and what he is expected to do.


Orson Scott Card wrote a sequel and I would be interested to see it on the big screen but as Ender’s Game wasn’t a huge success it might be a while before we see it.


Verdict: A good all round kid’s film with an engaging story, good action and a great ending.





  • Great Story
  • Good Action Sequences


  • Quite Short (which I expect meant bits were left out)

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