Game of Thrones – Series 6

You can’t rely on how a Country will vote or how a National football team will play but you can rely on Game of Thrones being brilliant.


There is no point in my trying to describe the story as you really need to have watched GOT from the beginning to be able to keep track of it all. However, in case you don’t know, the basic premise is an adult take of a fantasy story (sort of a grown-up and grittier take on Lord of the Rings). This is definitely not one for the kids.


This season may have started slowly, been a bit muddled in the middle but it ended with a bang. And what a bang it was, the last two episodes were some of the best TV this year. The writing, as always, continues to be sharp and witty, the story intricate and clever, the characters interesting and flawed and the acting superb. You can see why its one of, if not the, most expensive series currently made, the production values are so high, you often feel like you are watching a film (and they do it in such a realistic way that you don’t think the dragons and giants are out of place).


I should also point out that Game of Thrones has one of my favourite traits in a series, major character deaths. Characters die, often, and not very nicely either. You just never know who is safe and that makes every episode that much more intense and meaningful as you never know who’s going to go or who can be trusted…….


Verdict:  Continues to be one of the best programs on TV. A must watch.







  • Superb Acting ( especially Peter Dinklage)
  • Many, Many, Memorable Moments


  • You only get 10 episodes a season
  • You have to have watched the whole story to understand what is happening

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