Grosse Pointe Blank

An often overlooked dark comedy that I consider to be John Cusack’s best film.


It’s about an assassin who ends up going back to his high school reunion at Grosse Pointe and meeting up with his long lost love (Minnie Driver). He is of course being hunted down by other assassins (led by Dan Akroyd) and it all gets very complicated.


What is surprising is how funny it is (there are some great one-liners) whilst still managing to provide really good action scenes (particularly the hand-to-hand fights).


I’ve watched this a number of times now and enjoyed it each time and can highly recommend if you want to try something a little bit different.


Verdict: A very good dark action comedy that delivers a lot in a short time.





  • Very Original
  • Short and Quirky
  • Great mix of Action and Comedy

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