Heroes – Series 2

After fairly recently watching the first series with my son (which is an all-time classic and probably a 10) we moved onto the second series. It’s no surprise that it takes all the characters from the first, messes them up a bit, introduces a new villain and then gradually brings them together again (a fairly similar approach to the first series really, but if it ain’t broke……).


Heroes is essentially about a group of people who develop super powers and we see them develop these powers whilst being hunted by a mysterious company intent on using them for no good. The plot is quite complexed but continues to be interesting as it slowly reveals the history of how the super powered people evolved whilst keeping you guessing about some of the older characters motivations. However, you really do need to remember whose where and what they know and you must have watched the first series for any of it to make sense.


Acting is still great and it’s good to see more of the better characters; Hiro (a likeable but innocent Japanese hero), the man in the horned rimmed glasses (who may or may not work for ‘the company’) and Sylar (the best TV baddie there has been for ages). It’s all very well done and the way the powers are used does generally make sense.


Verdict: Not able to reach the heights and originality of the first series but still very watchable (you really do want to know what happens next).





  • Sylar is a great baddie
  • Interesting to see how the powers are used


  • You need to have watched first series
  • Cannot keep up the originality

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