Home Fires – Series 2

Home Fires is perfectly good Sunday evening ironing telly (yes, this does reveal what I do on a Sunday evening), i.e. it’s telly that you don’t need to be 100% focused on (and it doesn’t overly matter if you miss the odd bit).


It is basically a weekly soap opera in a small village during WWII and the trials and tribulations of the characters (predominantly women obviously) during this tough period. You have all the typical characters (nosy parker, timid shrew, and bad egg who ruffles everyone’s feathers) and plot lines you would expect (war heroes, deserters, mistresses and business owners) but it’s all done very well and you actually do care about the characters and want everything to turn out well for them and the baddie get their comeuppance.


I must add that the into music (by Samuel Sim) is very good and one of the best bits of the series – I found it here if you want a listen – https://soundcloud.com/samuel77/home-fires-main-theme


Verdict: Even though Home Fires is a bit corny and predictable I was surprised to find it an enjoyable series with an interesting setting, high production values and great acting. Roll on the third series (especially after the big cliff hanger!).





  • Great setting with high production values
  • Very well acted which makes you care about the characters
  • The opening music is fab


  • Quite predictable

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