Line of Duty – Series 3

Line of Duty is simply must watch TV. This is the third series about AC12, a Police Anti-Corruption Unit and it continues to be excel on all levels.


I can tell when a program is a ‘must watch’ as when my wife and I sit down for the evening TV watch we will slowly turn to look at each other and go “what day is Line of Duty on” and then feel sad when we realise there is still a couple of days to wait until the next episode (my wife also mentions that it’s the one TV program she has discussed in length with her mother).


I can’t say anything about the story as you really need to go into this blind, however, you absolutely must have watched the first two series prior to this one as it won’t make as much sense without the background story (I’m sure they can easily be found online somewhere). The acting I can write about. The main lead (Steve Arnott) is played by Martin Compston and he’s a joy to watch and you can’t help but want him to succeed in his dogged investigations (there are some scenes where he is interrogating suspects where you can’t help but urge him on to trip up the suspect in some way), in fact he has a very terminator like approach, he absolutely does not give up. He is partnered by Vicky McClure who plays Kate Fleming and she does a great job of portraying someone who is constantly piecing evidence together by talking and listening to everything people say. The “team” is completed by the boss, played by Adrian Dunbar (who gives the best ever exasperated facial expressions whenever Steve Arnott comes to him with yet another embarrassing and awkward suspect). I would like to mention baddies but as they investigate other officers that would be a complete give away, needless to say they are all top notch.


Verdict: BBC TV at its very best and I cannot recommend this highly enough. One of the best cop dramas on TV, ever. Watch this as soon as you can (but do try and watch from series one as they are all linked).





  • Fantastic Storyline
  • Amazing Acting
  • Clever Plot Twists


  • None that I can think of except its a long wait until the next series

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  1. A fantastic series and I could not agree more with your opinion and review! Especially Adrian Dunbar and his exasperated faces, they are so good.

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