Marcella – Series 1

Marcella is by the chap (Hans Rosenfeldt) who brought us ‘The Bridge’ so I had high expectations. Maybe too high.


A detective (Anna Friel) goes back to work and ends up investigating an old murder case where she couldn’t prove who did it (even though she knew who it was). There are further murders to investigate but it’s all fairly standard stuff, however, we have a twist in that she has blackouts when she gets angry and does not remember what happened, “awkward”. This of course gives you the, ‘what did she do’ and ‘did she, didn’t she’ moments, which are unravelled as the case progresses.


As expected, there are surprises, twists and turns and just about everyone you meet is involved in one way or another, but ultimately it does follow a fairly standard method of who dunnit and my wife had it sussed with about 3 episodes to go.


Anna Friel does a great job and without her I think the whole series would drop a level as she captures the passion of trying to capture the baddie whilst dealing with marriage issues and romantic interludes. She also does anger very well and you would not want to get on her bad side. The other actors involved aren’t quite up to the same standard, although I may be doing them an injustice as so much of the story focuses on Anna.


Verdict: A well done series that tries a little too hard to be clever and doesn’t quite pull it off. I would like a second series though.


Warning!! – The very, very end made my wife jump out of her skin (as did one of her friends apparently) so make sure you’re not eating when you watch it.





  • Unique plot enabler
  • Anna Friel


  • Tries to be too Clever
  • Some acting not up to scratch

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