Marvel: Agents of Shield – Series 3

Continuing on from the previous two series, we have Agent Coulson and his SHIELD agents up against ‘The Hive’ and his inhuman hoodlums.


In case you don’t know, Agents of Shield is a Marvel TV series with tie-ins to the films and is about a secret organisation which defends us against global (normally superhuman) threats.


This series is not overly different from the past two series but it’s still good fun to watch, has solid action scenes and keeps you on your toes by throwing in the odd curve ball. You will need to have watched the first two series first though or you will be pretty lost.


Verdict: Another solid Marvel TV series that the whole family enjoyed.





  • Good Effects
  • Occasional Unexpected Plot Twists


  • A Bit Samey
  • Need to have Watched previous series

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