Natural Born Winners – Series 1

Four ex-professional sportsmen complete in 4 unusual sporting events around the world. They are given basic training (perhaps a weeks worth) and are then tested against either professionals of that sport or each other and someone ends up the winner of each episode/trial (either by how far they get or by being judged by an expert).


All four of the contestants (Gareth Thomas, Iwan Thomas, Donovan Bailey and James Toseland) come across as genuinely nice people (which is a welcome change as you often get the odd ‘not so nice’ character so the program can be a bit edgy) and it was uplifting to see the developing comradery between all four of them. They gave each other plenty of encouragement and support (with the odd piss take obviously) and they seemed to be having a laugh and enjoying each others company. This, in turn, gives you some humorous moments to watch as well as the odd, “you wouldn’t catch me doing that” thought.


I vaguely recall a similar program on a while back about different martial artists trying out other ‘unusal’ martial arts from around the world (sorry I cant remember what it was called), so if you liked that then you will get enjoy this to.


Verdict: Short (only 4 episodes), watchable but ultimately forgettable slice of reality TV.






  • Nice genuine people
  • Some of the sports did look quite dangerous


  • Doesn't exactly push any boundaries
  • Not all contestants were as 'up for it' as others

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