Stranger Things – Series 1

I’d heard a lot of good about Stranger Things but I was still sceptical about a series re-visiting the eighties. However, the hype was totally justified as it really was a very good tale that does indeed remind you of classic 80s films such as Goonies and ET (although it does go a bit Poltergeist and Friday 13th in places). Even the intro and soundtrack are pure 80s (and very good to).


Story wise, we are talking about a bunch of kids trying to find their missing friend and all the weirdness that surrounds his disappearance. Saying anymore would just ruin a great storyline that should be watched with fresh eyes.


Hats off to the kid actors, they are superb (with one even looking a bit like me as a kid, lucky fella). In fact, all-round the acting is fantastic and it’s the best thing I’ve seen Winona Ryder do for ages. The whole film has a creepy atmosphere but it keeps you interested and you really want to know what happens next. My 15 year old son loved it but I can see younger kids being a bit scared.


When you start to compare Stranger Things to the films it emulates, you realise that in just 35 years, television has come a long way in that they can now produce the same quality TV programs that once required a major film budget.


Interesting fact time, the duffer brothers both helped write the first series of Wayward Pines which was also excellent; these two are really worth keeping an eye on and I can see a big budget film going their way soon.


Verdict: You don’t need to be a child of the 80s to appreciate Stranger Things but it does bring back fond memories. Would make a great binge series and there is already a second on in the works.





  • Excellent Storyline
  • Great Acting

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