The 100 – Series 3

I always thought that after the first series, the 100 would dwindle away; however, it’s managed to hang on in there and actually remain quite interesting and entertaining.


The basic premise is 100 kids being sent back to earth (from a space station) after yet another nuclear war (just for a change) and how they survive in a harsh environment. It’s somewhat changed since then but you still have a bunch of teenagers running around and fighting to survive. Series three is all about an AI that is trying to take over what is left of the world (by taking away peoples pain) with only the brave kids to stop it……


The acting isn’t he greatest and some episodes are a bit stargatey but what I do like about The 100 is that just when you think you know where it’s going, the writers throw you a curve ball and either kill off a major character or make them take an unexpected (and quite often out of character) decision or action. This has happened since the first series but it’s a refreshing approach and it keeps you wondering what will happen next.


Verdict: A better than average sci-fi series which still manages to spring the odd surprise and deserves another season.






  • Unexpected Character Deaths


  • A few too many kids

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