The Durrells – Series 1

In one word, quirky. But in a good way.


Basically, a single parent family (mum, 2 elder boys, one teenage girl and one young son) decide, for reasons I can’t remember but I doubt it made that much sense, to leave England and move to Corfu. Once there, they somehow find somewhere to live and try and settle into a much changed lifestyle. It’s an interesting concept for a TV series as its based on Gerald Durrell’s autobiographical books about when he was a young boy and, seeing him start on his journey of a love of animals, adds something different.


Each episode follows a fairly similar plot, i.e. one or more of the family tries something out (quite often involving love) which generally goes wrong but somehow works out by the end. It’s a tad unbelievable, however, the events are so bonkers that they might actually have happened!



Keeley Hawes is good value as the mum and has the ‘trying her hardest even though it’s all going wrong look’ down to a tee. The young kid actors are all really good at giving their own characters their own foibles that sets them apart from each other and leads to their own storylines and journey.


Verdict: Very unusual and watchable series that my 11 Yr Old daugher particularly enjoyed. It’s also nice to watch something with very little violence and no real baddie.





  • Novel Idea
  • Great Location
  • Lighthearted and Harmless


  • Unbelievable plotlines

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