The Five – Series 1

I finished ‘the five’ the day after Marcella so I can’t help but compare them to some degree and ultimately there wasn’t much between them, as in, they were both good and had the potential to be great but end up falling a bit short.

The five should really be called the six as it starts with six kids in a forest, however, the youngest one goes missing and is not seen for some 20 years…………until his DNA turns up as part of an investigation that one of the five is working on (as he’s conveniently followed his dad into the police force). We then watch the five getting back together and continuing the search into their missing friend/brother (plus quite a few side stories).

You often see an event that has nothing to do with current story but you have to remember it as it may have a lot of significance for the next episode, so I recommend paying attention to get the most out of it.

I must point out that SKY took the unusual option of showing two episodes in a row which I thought was a good approach as you had more time to get into the story and the relationships between the characters. I would like to see more channels take this approach.

Verdict: A well done mystery which doesn’t always make sense but does at least have a good ending.





  • Satisfying Ending
  • Involving when watched in 2 hour chunks


  • Feels a bit too convenient at times
  • Doesn't always make sense

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