The Flash – Series 2

A series that is in need of fresh ideas as some of theis series’ episodes have had very daft storylines, especially with the introduction of another earth plus more time travel shenanigans. It gives the cast plenty of chances to play different versions of themselves but it does make the plot very convoluted (and where time is involved there is always an easy get out).


If you don’t know, Flash is a DC comic’s character who can run extremely fast. He, and his team of clever scientists, fight various (normally super powered) baddies each week whilst building towards the ultimate showdown with the big baddie, Zoom.


It will not win any awards for acting and just about everything happens in the same locations (just how many times can the same coffee shop be visited?) but there is fun to be had with the odd amusing one liners and you do grow to like them as a team.


It’s not often I’m annoyed by a TV character but in Iris, the Flash has perhaps the most annoying character on TV at the moment. It’s difficult to put in words but whenever she’s involved it’s cringey or doesn’t make sense or she can’t make up her mind or…….aaarrrgh, she’s just annoying.


Verdict:  Not as good as the first series but the kids still enjoyed it and there is still the odd surprise.





  • Does not take itself seriously


  • Iris - Most annoying character on TV
  • Daft storylines

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