The Island with Bear Grylls – Series 3

The Island is another series we like to watch with the kids so they can broaden their views on life. There is quite a bit of swearing but it feels acceptable as its real people who happen to be in unusual circumstances.


The basic premise is taking a mixture of British people with different backgrounds and skills and leaving them on a tropical island where they have to live off the land for 5/6 weeks (filming it all themselves). As per standard reality fare you get one person who has low self esteem but manages to do something special, one who is all cocky but then biffs up big time, one or more that don’t make it and one you don’t even notice until near the end. The fun for the viewer (or it might just be me!) is trying to work it out which character will fall into which camp before the editing makes it blatantly obvious how it will pan out.


Although this is the third series its still a very intriguing and uplifting to watch a group of strangers struggle, bond and survive together. There are also quite a few woah and “they shouldn’t have done that” moments as well as moments when you question the validity of the experiment as they are on the brink of disaster only to miraculously find something to keep them going (and its normally shortly after Bear has chimed in with “I have made sure there is enough indigenous animals and wildlife on the island”). Still, I’m sure its all above board and is made to look that way so it’s a more exciting program.


There are some real painful, scary and shocking moments and the state they get themselves into is pretty bad but you can’t help but wonder what you would do under the same circumstances. There is even a point at the end of the series where you are invited to take part in the next one and for a couple of seconds you think, yeah that would be cool and then you remember exactly what they went through and think perhaps it isn’t that great an idea after all.


Verdict: Still enjoyable with some quite shocking moments, spoiled only by the normal reality TV repetitive reminders that bloat each episode.





  • Great People Watching
  • Some big woah moments


  • Repetitive voiceovers to remind us just how difficult it all is

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